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WDSOFT is the BEST result oriented Search Engine Optimization [SEO] service provider company in Pune. Our Search Engine Optimization strategy guarantees higher ranking in search engine listings. We help your website garner high volume organic search traffic.

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

There are many technical definitions of the term “Search Engine Optimization” a.k.a SEO but before asking the question “What is SEO” lets first understand “Why SEO”.

SEARCH - The unique feature of the Internet

Have you ever wondered how the traditional marketing is different from the digital one? Well, the answer is: “SEARCH”. In the digital or Internet arena “SEARCH” plays the most important role. It is an everyday example, just try to remember how many times a day have you googled something – we do it so many times. In-fact most often our online activity starts with the search (on Google for most). There is just no parallel to the “search” feature in the traditional marketing channels. This unique feature of the Internet has given rise to Search Engine Optimization – SEO.

What is SEO?

Now once you have got a hang of how important “SEARCH” is in the digital world, let us now understand what SEO is.

SEO is the way toward “improving” the websites, web pages and the substance inside them with the goal that theories “upgraded” and “streamlined” websites and web pages show up at higher situations in the natural or normal postings of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Higher position in the web indexes implies higher number of guests that thus implies higher transformations, more purchasers, more deals and so on.

To put it in a layman’s language “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimization” is doing all the ethically correct activities necessary to make a website or a web-page show-up at higher positions in the organic Search Engine listings.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO It comprises of the content of pages, keywords, keyword density, HTML/Code, title, meta tag, alt tags, images, website structure, link structure, sitemap, UX/UI design, accessibility, compatibility of the pages with various devices (responsive websites), communication with the search engines using Schema Markups etc. On-page SEO begins at the website design level, We first get to know your business and accordingly finalize the optimum SEO strategy. This includes identifying the pages, targeted keywords, topics, website structure, site-wide linking structure etc. Our in-house Content Writers create SEO-friendly, keyword-rich, and grammatically correct content for your product/service pages and their meta tags and titles. These SEO techniques help your websites rank higher for relevant keywords. We have learnt all this from over 10 years of experience as the top SEO company in Pune.

Social Media and SEO (SMO and SMM)

At WDSOFT we carry out Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing exercises that boosts your brand. Social Media has become an integral part of SEO. Today's websites are built Social-Media ready and the content (visual and textual) is bookmarked and shared instantly over the internet through Social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Pinterest, Digg, StumbleUpon etc; and Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube etc and even through Influencer Marketing. Like Search Engines, more and more people now spend more time on these Social Media sites and it is imperative that online businesses make use of these services. Social Media is particularly useful in creating brand awareness, updating your audience with latest information/content, sharing your customer testimonials and also to drive traffic to your website.

Off-Page SEO

Our SEO experts follow a precise, ethical Off-page SEO methodology to generate natural/organic authority back-links to your website. Back-Link building is a intricate process. We manually submit your website to relevant websites, directories, blogs, news sites, questions and answer sites. Our Off-Page SEO team works on getting high authority quality backlinks to your website. We use proven SEO approach to create unique back-link profile and content that naturally blends in with the content of the page linking to your website. Such white-hat SEO techniques contribute to improve your back-link quality score which in turn improves your listing in the Search Engines. Off-Page SEO comprises of all other activities (other than On-Page SEO) done to boost website/web-page ranking in the Search Engines. These activities normally includes getting back-links from other relevant websites through article submission, forum submission, Question and Answer sites, Directory and blog submissions, press releases, guest postings, news sites submission etc.

Benefits of SEO

SEO is virtually free. Unlike Search Engine Marketing where you have to pay for each click, there is no "substantial" money involved in doing SEO. You don't have to pay money to the SEARCH ENGINE for the visitors you receive from them. It delivers Highest Return on Investment (ROI) in the Digital Marketing industry. SEO increases the credibility of your brand. The first listing in google search engine result's page receives 60% of the organic traffic. Also the first listing in the Google SERPs is considered most trustworthy source for the information. SEO offers long lasting results. Unlike Search Engine Marketing where you have to often change the Cost-Per-Click amount to maintain the same position, In SEO your listing is "frozen" for a considerable period. So if you are at number one position in Google SERPs for a particular keyword, you will remain there for long time. It is observed that SEO listings get more quality traffic than SEM traffic that has higher chances of converting into buyers. Like SEM, performance of SEO can be measured through insightful reporting by website logs, analytics service and Google Search Console a.k.a. Google Web Masters.

Why hire WDSOFT as your SEO Agency?

We are knowledgeable

We are proficient in our work, we have vast knowledge of Search Engines, SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing, Analytics and client verticals.

We are an Experienced SEO Company

At WDSOFT SEO Company in Pune, INDIA, we have an experience of over a decade of successfully optimizing (SEO) websites for better and higher Search Engine rankings across all verticals – be it Educational Institutions, Small Scale Industry, Retail, Online Retailing, Travel and Tourism, Leisure, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Real Estate, Construction, Food and Beverages, Automotive etc. we have SUCCESSFULLY implemented SEO strategy for every major segment and delivered results.

We are Affordable

At WDSOFT we offer affordable SEO services.With our proven white-hat (ethical) SEO strategy you are guaranteed to generate more visitors and more sales for your business.

We understand SEARCH ENGINE Algorithm

We understand Google. We understand how it works, what it wants, how it treats different websites, etc. We are very well versed with the Google ranking algorithm, google ranking algorithm updates like Hummingbird update, Mobile friendly update, Panda and Penguin updates, and EMD update. Our seasoned SEO specialists deduce the right conclusions from these updates and can tweak your website to sustain such updates. We are familiar with the new Google technology and products.

We have a LARGE pool of skillsets

Ad WDSOFT its not one person doing many things. We have dedicated professionals for every job. Content writers, SEO/SEM specialists, Web Developers, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Account managers for Pay-Per-Click advertising etc.

We are not “One size fits all” SEO company

We do not offer any fixed SEO package for optimizing your website. Every customer is UNIQUE, his demands and goals are different from that of others, we have learnt this from our experience. So we believe in customized service for every client be it small or big at an affordable cost.

We are Quick

Yes, years of experience have has increased our proficiency. So your SEO project (Optimized website) is guaranteed to be completed in stipulated time.
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Search Engine Optimization – SEO – is the best way to bring your business the attention, interest, enquiry and clients that it deserves. Our search engine optimization solutions and qualified SEO experts will help you get the most of SEO by conducting competition research, trending keyword research, implement online client conversion strategy and ultimately helping you realize increased business and revenue. We are the best SEO company around that is proud of its SEO experts who keep your customers’ interest at the forefront while developing SEO strategy for your business.
SEO Quotes

“Search Engine only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” And to make everyone, your customers, love you first, we utilise SEO at its best.