SEM is quick and delivers instant results. Our established SEM approach lets businesses realize their true potential.

What Is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a sub-set of Digital Marketing or also known as Online Marketing OR just Internet Marketing. Search Engine Marketing mainly focuses on driving traffic to websites and web pages by making them appear in the Search Engine results pages through PAID advertising.

Many people ask the question what is the difference between Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization?

All things considered, there is as yet a discussion going on what all exercises should Search Engine Marketing incorporate. Some showcasing masters consider Search Engine Marketing unmistakable from Search Engine Optimization and restricted distinctly to the PAID “Search” Marketing/Advertising. Site improvement (SEO) is viewed as a different channel as there is no “critical” cost engaged with SEO contrasted with SEM. Be that as it may, there are other people who will in general incorporate SEO in Search Engine Marketing. What’s more, the discussion still proceeds and lets leave it at that. In any case, you need not stress over it. We are capable in both “natural” SEO and “PAID” SEM.

Our Goal As A Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Agency

When it comes to Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing our goal at WDSOFT Pine is to generate maximum leads and greater sales for our clients while maintaining a positive ROI (Return On Investment).

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

As the words indicate you pay for each click on your ad that appears in the Search Engine Results Pages under the "Sponsored Ads" category, just above the organic listings. A generally accepted rule of thumb is that the more you pay ("BID") for each click, the higher your ad appears for that particular keyword in the paid search listings, off course there are various other factors like Quality Score of your ad, quality of your ad copy, relevancy of your landing page to the keywords, quality of the landing page etc – that affect your AD RANK in Google paid listings. Higher quality ads can lessen your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and yet achieve better positions in the paid listings.

Who Is Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing For?

Pay Per Click is for anyone who want to drive sales or create brand awareness (through contextual targeting). More business means more sales, all business leaders want more sales and Pay Per Click is just the right tool for this purpose. Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing is more suited for retail businesses, real estate, food and beverages, travel and tourism, hospitality, educational institutions, supermarkets, clothing stores, healthcare, lifestyle, leisure etc.

So Why Go For Pay Per Click Advertising

Consider the following scenario for why would you want to go for Pay Per Click Advertising on Google Adwords. Scenario:- You are a florist and its 10th February just 4 days left for the Valentine's Day. You have the best stock of fresh roses and the most beautiful of bouquets. You even home deliver your product within a few kilometers radius from your business and you have heard that there are even more potential buyers out there online, but you are clueless about how to go online. The web designing guy tells you that you are going to miss the online windfall on14th Feb because your business website won't get to the desired listing through organic methods in such a short period. Here is where the Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising Program comes to your rescue. At Search Engine Marketing agency we have experienced Business Analysts and Search Engine Marketing specialists who can launch a fully optimized Google Adwords Pay Per Click Campaign in a very short period and would help you make the most on the business day, a credit card and a fixed budget is all you need to have.

Your Google Adwords Pay Per Click Campaign Goes Through These Following Process:

Business Analysis – We do a rock-bottom analysis of your business. We get to know your business thoroughly, your products and services, your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, your competitors, and most importantly how competitive your product or service is priced.

Landing Pages – Our Search Engine Marketing Specialists, Graphic Designers and Content writers sit together and design the best Landing Pages for your Google Adwords Ads. Each one for a separate set of keywords. Having multiple landing pages for relevant keywords and ad copy increases the “Quality Score” of your ad that in turn reduces your Cost-Per-Click yet achieving higher ranking.

Ad Copies – Our Content Writers and Graphic Designers are well versed with the Google Adwords Ad Formats, be it text ads, responsive ads, image ads, call-only ads or in-stream video ads, we hammer out the best of its kind.

Keyword Research – We do a rigorous keyword research and identify the right keywords, keyword phrases that would bring the right potential customers to your page. We also identify the right “Negative Keywords” to filter out the “non-converting” combination of keywords.

Targeting your Ad: Google Adwords has by far the best ad targeting technology in the Search Engine Marketing arena. There are various levels of targeting; the important ones are Geographical/Location Targeting, Language Targeting, Device Targeting, Contextual Targeting to name a few. Considering the above Florist example, we can make your ad visible only within a few kilometers from your business location – thanks to Google Adwords’ Geographical /Location Targeting.

Tracking your Online Conversions – Our technical guys can tweak the landing pages with various scripts that can track keywords that are actually converting your visitors into buyers. This helps in optimizing the Ad campaign and getting most out of it by spending only on the right keywords.

Return On Investment (ROI) – Everything boils down to Return On Investment. How much do I make out of what I have invested. As we mentioned above, our goal is to make our clients achieve higher sales while ever maintaining a positive ROI. Our Business Analysts and Search Engine Marketing specialists at WDSOFT Search Marketing Agency keep a round-the-clock watch on your online business activity, we monitor your expenses, your conversions, your profit and accordingly tweak the Ad campaigns to maintain a healthy ROI.

A/B Testing (Split Testing) – With Adwords Experiments our experienced Search Engine Marketing specialists can run A/B tests to evaluate performance of multiple ad campaigns (ad copies, keyword sets, landing pages etc) and determine the best performing campaign.

Reporting – We send out daily reports to you on how your ad has performed the previous day, with suggestions and recommendations to help you make informed decisions that would further improve your sales.

Unlike Organic Search Engine Optimization that takes weeks to deliver results, Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing is a “quick-fix” and fastest way of getting qualified visitors for your business. With Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing you can easily test if your product or service sells in the market. Here are the benefits of Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing.

  • Instant Qualified Targeted Traffic
  • You are in total control
  • You can make changes to your paid campaign (budget, bid, keyword, ad copy, targeting etc.) almost instantaneously.
  • Various targeting options available – Geographic, demographic, devices, contextual and more.
  • Highly Customizable Ads
  • Large number of Ad formats available (text, image and video ads)
  • High degree of control on how much you pay on your campaign
  • Extremely insightful reports right to the keyword level
  • Paid Ad campaigns can be immediately configured and fine-tuned for better sales at lesser cost

Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing is not only limited to Google Adwords, though it has the biggest Pay Per Click market share. Every major Search Engine and Social Media has got its own Pay Per Click Program. Here are a few other Pay Per Click advertising services (other than Google Adwords) and we have found them to be equally good

  • Yahoo Gemini (Formerly Yahoo Search Marketing)
  • Microsoft Bing Ads (Formerly Microsoft AdCenter)
  • Amazon Pay Per Click

Leave your Paid advertising to us and see how our experienced Search Engine Marketing Specialists work wonder with these tools to boost your sales.