Content Writing for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and All Social Media Campaigns

We don't just create content for Social Media platforms, but chalk out a comprehensive "content strategy" for your social media promotions. Our social media content strategy guarantees greater organic reach and high quality organic traffic.

It is important for every business (online or offline) to have a strong presence on the Social Media platform. Ad WDSOFT we have years of experience in content writing and we have accomplished content writers who can manage your Social Media accounts. Irrespective of your vertical we can provide valuable, niche user-oriented, unique and fresh content for your organisation. We have provided Social Media Content Writing services to over a 100 clients from various verticals. Small scale industries, Educational Institutes, Healthcare, Real Estate Agencies, Infrastructure/Construction Companies, Startups, Engineering Companies, Travel and Tourism Agencies, Event Management Companies, Hotels or Restaurants, Non-Government (NGOs) Social Welfare Organizations are just a few to name.

Why Social Media is Important - An Analysis

Social Media is a powerful tool for creating brand awareness and also a powerful online traffic source. With the advent of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and other Social Media Giants, a large chunk of users have diverted from traditional search engines (like to these Social Media sites. Social Media has emerged as a rival to Search Engine Industry offering marketers an alternative platform to promote their content. And in many verticals Social Media content has completely replaced traditional websites. In spite of the fact that in its earliest stages, Social Media Marketing has a colossal potential and Search Engine Industry specialists theorize Social Media may outperform Search Engine’s in client base in a couple of years time. Specialists state it won’t astonish if in the coming years, Facebook or some other Social Media Giant turns into the prime Identity of the Internet and optional.

Social Media content differs from the usual website content though it compliments the web content. Social Media CONTENT is LIVE and Interactive. Social Media sites can interact with their audience in a far better way than the traditional websites. You can get your audience to comment, like, share, tag your online content which is otherwise not the case with traditional website.

Social Media content propagates the internet much faster than the usual website content. So it can be used effectively to spread information. Lets consider REAL-LIFE examples of how to use Social Media for your Business.

  • Broadcast/Publish Organizational news and updates about latest meetings, schedules, events, introducing new recruits, achievements etc.
  • An online retailer can use it to notify (with RICH Visuals and Video) his customers about new products added to his online store.
  • A fashion designer can use the social media to exhibit his new creation and connect with the “niche” customers.
  • An Architect can get a poll done for the color schemes or layouts designs he has created, from his clients.
  • An Event Manager can broadcast the date and time of an EVENT and get more customers to enroll to his EVENT.
  • The HR manager of an organization can take a quick poll on Social Media sites to decide the venue of a party.
  • A blogger can use the Social Media to comment on latest news and events.

Our experienced content writers know how to effectively use various Social Media tools and features like (Content Sharing Tools), Metadata (hashtag “#”) and various others to extend the reach of your content (Visual and Textual).

Leave your Social Media Content ( AUDIO /VISUAL, and TEXTUAL) to us.